Teams can resolve even the most difficult


of all tasks.

Utter the word ‘Team’ and more or less, you are likely to get a response such as: a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. However, it becomes a little tricky when you narrow it down to Team Building. It becomes a management issue and an effective one is one that takes up a management consultancy.Team building is therefore a process of enabling a team (as previously described)reach their goal.

Team building facilitates better communication, motivates employees, promotes creativity, develops problem – solving skills and increases the trust factor between the leadership group and the employees. It can easily be achieved through various team building activities – but what makes the Team Building Concept Successful? What exactly makes it Tick?

We break down to you the three crucial steps (CIA) on how to make Team Building Successful.

ü  Clarify the team goals

It takes the mandate of the executive leadership in position to clearly communicate its expectations for the team’s expected outcomes. This will in turn help the team members understand why the team was created. In addition to that, the organization should continuously support the team with resources and the outcome, should be received as a priority and given attention to determine if it’s just as the way the executive leaders had intended it to be.  With full understanding of this, then the essence of Team Building becomes a success in itself.

ü  Identify issues that inhibit the team from achieving their goals

The current market is dynamic and it requires a key eye to identify challenges and situations that may inhibit the team from achieving their goals.  A few of these inhibitors may include lack of information, lack of skill, limited belief and lack of motivation. Identifying them is one thing, which is a great step to making team building successful but addressing them is another which brings us to our last step.

It takes the mandate of the executive leadership in position to clearly communicate its expectations for the team’s expecte outcomes.

ü  Address those issues to enable goals to be achieved.

If at any chance executive leaders choose to bury their heads in the sand on issues that inhibit a team from achieving their goals, then that becomes the organization’s death bed- literally.  It thus goes without saying that countering theses inhibitors in the Team Building activities is the only lead to ensure that there is development in the organization.

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