Team work realizes great benefits by tapping from our various knowledge bases.

In an earlier blog, we did outline tips on how to make a Team Building tick by following three simple steps (CIA). That is:

  • Clarify the team goals
  •   Identify issues that inhibit the team from achieving their goals
  •   Address those issues to enable goals to be achieved.

Yet with these practices, is it always that a Team Building initiative will tick? Just what may lead to its failure? Why don’t we start by you taking a look at the image below?

This is just an example of what happens when a team building initiative fails. Team members who should be working together differ and prefer working individually whereas we know that working in a team yields better results. Well, on this blog, we look at some factors that may lead to failure in team building initiatives and how to curb them.

• Failure to understand communication
When a team leader does not know how each team member communicates, this maybe a recipe to failure in the team building activity. To curb this, team members should be allowed to voice their opinions in an open and honest manner. This enables the team leader to know each individual’s personal style thus direct conversations with minimum conflicts.
• Failure to establish expectations
It’s fine that you have your workforce engage in a team building initiative. But is it just that? What comes next after team building initiatives? At the end of the day, the expectations of the team leader to the team members is to have them work better together, take risks, and test different approaches for better results in the work place. This is what should be established from the onset.
• Failure to establish goals
A failure to establish a clear concise goal may translate to mean that the team has nothing to work towards to. Therefore, the team leader is mandated to make sure that the goals of the team are clearly communicated to every team member so as to know what the end result should be.

Getting each team member on the same page is key to avoid failure in team building. Here at Kenvision Techniks we offer expert guidance on how to create high performance teams. Take a Team Building training with us and end up with a team of winners.


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