Is anger that bad?
No. Not all anger is negative. In fact it is very essential as it acts as a flag for potential trouble ahead. It can be positively defensive. However, it has to be healthy. This is where some difficult may be experienced.

What is “healthy anger?”

Healthy anger is deliberate, proportional, and responsive to a clear and present need. Healthy anger is a powerful tool of human survival and adaptation. It is functional and in the service of valid goals. Anger becomes dysfunctional when it works against our best interests or our higher values.

The feeling of anger is an emotional component of an instinctive physiological reaction. It is also an inner signal that something may be wrong. Our intuition may be informing us to watch out, or to assert ourselves, or to protect others. For example, we may get angry or express anger if we see someone harming a defenseless child. Reactive or impulsive anger may help us at these times to do the right thing automatically. Usually it doesn’t. It just hurts others and gets us in trouble.

Angry couple

Channelized or sublimated anger is a type of healthy anger. It is anger which has been redirected from its original source into socially acceptable forms of expression, like aggressive sports, political blogging, or chopping wood.

The main question remains: Is there a way of dealing with the anger before it becomes dysfunctional and gets out of hand and hard to handle? Yes, there is. The first step to dealing with anger is admitting that you are angry about a certain issue but you are also willing to handle it in a calm manner. It is also important to admit that you can’t handle the issue at hand and that you need someone else to hold your hand and show you the way forward. At Kenvision Techniks, we are here to offer you a shoulder to lean on, as we show you how to deal with the anger in our Anger Management Course.


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