“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a saying that we all know too well. We have heard it said many times and might have also said it ourselves to other people. Yet at times we do not really understand the magnitude of that statement. It is upon this commonly used phrase that the concept of team building activities is built upon.

It is very important for the Management to once in a while plan for educational training forums that intellectually engage the personnel. In this kind of forums they will be taught, engaged in thought provoking concepts, any queries that arise will also be answered and this triggers expansion; both personal and corporate. These forums help them grow in their different workplace jurisdictions and thus increase productivity for the organization. This growth is every manager’s dream and through it the organizations objectives are effectively achieved. This then sounds like the perfect recipe for corporate growth, right?? Wrong! Informative Trainings are not solely enough to ensure the organization continues growing effectively. The concept of Team Building thus arises.

Supporting each other with the GOAL in mind

There is an adage that says a happy workplace is a busy workplace. This wise saying has been proved time and time again to be the gospel truth. Once the personnel in any organization are calm and relaxed they are directly able to produce more. These we have seen in the leading global companies’ and a good example is Google.

Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute named Google the 2014 Best Company to work for. This is the fifth time Google has topped the list and this shows there must be something that they are doing right to ensure that their employees feel valued, appreciated and thus increase workplace productivity. They offer benefits that really resonate with the needs of their personnel and ensure that they have a lot of workplace freedom so as not to stifle their creativity. Owing to their great success, other organizations should be able to borrow a leaf from them. The only limitation would be in terms of finances, but the least any Manager can do is create time for Team Building activities for their Personnel.

Team Building is all about bringing together your personnel together in a less formal setting and being able to address some of the issues that are plaguing your organization. The issues are handled through the use of games that teach the staff lessons that they can apply in their day to day operations with each other. How this works is that after an issue has been identified by the management, a game that will be suggested by the team building staff is then played and lessons extracted during the debriefing done when it ends.

The use of play in conflict resolution has been found to be more effective as opposed to a word of admonition from the management. This is because in Play, barriers are broken, hostilities are melted down and a connection is formed amongst the staff. This is usually carried on past the team building day and into the workplace. Play time for the staff also enables the staff to engage more amongst themselves in a less formal setup that will then encourage openness and honesty. These are not traits that can easily be inculcated in the workplace environment. Team building enables the staff to relax and if it’s been a long hard year for the organization, it acts as a reward for them to exhale and have some fun as they gear up for the New Year to come.

Aiding an organization in achieving business efficiency is what we do here at Kenvision Techniks. We offer expert advice for your organization and tailor make a team building schedule that will cater to your every need. Team Building that will transform your organization for the Better!


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