Accounting Records Management Skills training

Accounting Records Management Skills training


Why Accounting Records Management training?

Records management reinforces financial management controls and supports accountability. The ability to establish who did what, when, why and how is a powerful means of deterring individuals from engaging in fraud or corruption, thus enforcing accountability. Well-managed records provide an unbiased account of responsibility and liability. Authentic, reliable records provide an unambiguous link between the authorization to carry out a transaction, the particular individual concerned and the date. Thus, records can identify abuse, misuse and non-compliance with financial instructions.
So how does an organization reap the benefits of accounting records management while mitigating the compliance and practical risks introduced by those same financial records?
Such will be the theme of the training.



This is a Five Day Training that targets mainly accountants, bursars,  and other personnel / professionals that create, transmit, use, and reference accounting records. It’ll be covering the following themes:

  1.  importance of good record keeping for efficient and effective financial management
  2.  role and importance of stakeholders in financial records management
  3.  business functions and processes of financial management, in relation to the records generated
  4.  information systems and records created by financial management
  5. To outline how to manage financial records in a mixed paper/electronic records environment
  6. To introduce the concepts involved with integrated financial management systems
  7. To explain where to go for more information


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