Kenvision Techniks through its subsidiary Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre  has put together as well as collaborated with other institutions to provide opportunities to the public to train in an number of areas. We believe in “INFORMATION WITHOUT BORDERS”. To this end we specialize in result-oriented trainings for all our users and thus empower them to be what they want to be.

YR 2023: Access Control & Time Attendance Schedule

Course CodeCourse NameStart DateEnd DateDuration (in Days)Fee (in KES)Maximum No of Trainees
(Per Session)
BAC-01/23Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance Jan 10th , 2023Jan 13th, 2023515,000/-5Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre
BAC-02/23Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance
Feb 20th, 2023Feb 23rd, 2023520,000/-5Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre
BAC-04/23Biometric Access Control & Time AttendanceApril 10th, 2023April14th, 2023520,000/-5Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre
BAC-05/23Biometric Access Control & Time AttendanceMay 23rd, 2023May 26th 2023520,000/-5Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre
BAC-07/23Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance System Installation SkillsJuly 18th, 2023July 21st, 2023520,000/-20,000/-5Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre
BAC-09/23Biomterice Access Control & Time Attendance SystemsSept 05th, 2023Sept 08th, 2023520,000/-20,000/-

“We can never get broke because of sharing, instead we get richer”

From inception, the clamor for our society to raise leaders, technical and knowledge experts from among it’s people has been the HIGHEST VISION of Kenvision Techniks. We do it against all odds- We use our every resource and energy to the last drop to ensure that this vision is realized. Whether you are an ex-school individual, a street hoodlum, a corporate worker or even a C.E.O of a Blue Chip, we all have one desire: A better life for now and future for us and those of our children. Consequently, Kenvision has build appropriate programs in collaboration with those in our society to target knowledge increase as well as bridge the gap the is inherent in our society.

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