When we are sick, our bodies experience an information management crisis. What is happening is such a case is that, the critical supporting components of the body’s defense mechanisms are not getting the right information at the right time to facilitate the best possible reaction to the intruders.

An organization – whether small, medium, or large; government, publicly traded, or private – is like a body: it can also get sick. The records and information that it creates and receives each day must get to the right people at the right time in order to support the organization’s optimum health.

Seeing the Doctor

Where is the irony, we go to the doctor for checkups to be assured of good health. We also see the physician for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring when we are ill. Apply the same situation to records and information management (RIM) and you will see the reason why an organisation needs an audit of theses elements. Such exercise would provide the organization with the necessary checkup, diagnosis, and treatment to ensure its good health.

Just as a healthy person is optimally productive, so is a healthy organisation.

Organization Circulatory System

If records and information – both physical and electronic – are the life-giving blood in an organization’s body, then the conduits, or programs, by which they flow are the organization’s circulatory system.
A Records & Information Management  audit is a critical dissection and evaluation of the processes that manage records and information flows throughout their lifecycle.

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