Hype or a sequel?

Cyberawareness” is no longer a term to be buzzed around by the IT Savvy but a must know working term to everyone who wishes in work in today’s networked environment. Whether working in Healthcare, Transport, education, or any other sector, there is need to get your act together as long as you are disposed to IT in your workplace. Just remember that, yesterday’s fiction is today’s reality. If you watched Cyborg and Codebreakers in the yesteryear, you’ll be agreeable that the future has come. Living in the era of technology war is going to require unusual brain courage, less muscle and adaptability. It is going to be “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN….”

Nevertheless, before you resign to fate, be encouraged by the knowledge that: Even in all the wars, be it against a medicine-defying bug, a terrible murderous dictator, etc, there has always been survivors. Yes!! Survivors are those people who accept the reality and embark on bursting the myths associated with ignominy. These people have one thing that is dominant in their psyche. They have a strong believe that the war can be won. They get the right information, work on it, refine their skills and then get ready to face the enemy whenever he comes their way. Many a times, they do succeed in vanquishing their enemy.

A few tips from us regarding cyberwar:

There are three prime areas of cybersecurity: the life cycle of cyber-attacks and defense; the anatomy of an attack; and building a culture of prevention.

At a minimum, security architecture in your organisation should be able to stall adversarial efforts, thwart attacks at each phase and facilitate a rapid response.

1. Mitigate threats before they enter a network with basic controls, such as ensuring that operating systems and anti-malware, Web filtering and antivirus software on servers and endpoints are updated and patched to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and infections.

2. Discover threats that have entered or tried to enter systems. No organization can prevent every cyberattack, but it is important to build a response system that can alert your security staff, rapidly identify a breach and its scope, and notify other enforcement points so that a breach can be contained without extensive collateral damage.

3. Respond to any threats that have breached the network. In addition to deploying sandbox appliances, which can test and detect novel threats, organizations might need to deploy internal network firewalls and mitigate an attack once a network has already been breached.


Kenya has more than 26 million mobile subscribers. Majority of the devices are internet enabled. This means that every subscriber has a cyber weapon and thus is a target. You ask Loudly ,,,,, HOW? As long as you use the phone to transact, chat, etc, then your phone is participating in the global choir. It is not excepted. Question is, Is your gadget protected? Are you aware of the various ways in which you can avoid becoming a victim?

Cyber attacks are a brand-new type of warfare. Cyber attacks are usually covert and difficult to detect. At the same time the stakes in human and financial terms are much higher than traditional battlefield entanglements.

Cyber Space Attack Worst Case Scenarios

Some of the threats include:

  • hijacking of drones and using them against American or allied militaries or citizens.
  • a massive attack on the healthcare industry that would render computers useless in providing information doctors need to treat patients.
  • a takedown of the power grid or sections of it and the secondary and tertiary effects such as the loss of electricity in hospitals, air-traffic controller stations, etc.
  • attacks on the financial markets that destroyed data and cause havoc as people lose confidence in the financial system and are forced into a massive run on banks out of fear.
  • hijacking of military or civilian satellites
  • intercepting emails and loading them with malicious software that steals information
when the button is pressed will you be ready to stay safe?


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