Fire Detection, Suppression & Alarm System Installation

Fire Detection, Suppression & Alarm System Installation



Fire protection systems include fire alarms, automatic fire detection, and fire suppression systems.  The system is thus a threefold knowledge base that goes beyond mere fire safety measures courses that are most likely going to be delivered by non-technical people to non-technical organization stuff.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who

  • needs knowledge of fire detection and alarm systems
  • installs and tests hard wired systems
  • services/maintains fire alarm systems

Other experience/training needed to take the course

  • None


Course Objectives

At the successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the basic key concepts and all the components used in fire alarm systems.
  • Install, test and maintain conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.
  • Recognize the role of fire alarm outputs, automatic and manual fire detectors.
  • Describe the differences between fire alarm categories and grades.
  • Explain the role of a fire alarm installer.
  • Effectively work with other stakeholders in fire alarm installation.


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