Corporate Document Control Training

Corporate Document Control Training


A document control system is among the most critical tools for compliance in highly regulated industries. Organizations at every stage of the life cycle can benefit, from startups to organizations approaching approval for market. In this post, you’ll learn the definition of a document control system, why it’s needed, and the essential features to search out.



Documents and more documents


Organisations can produce thousands of documents daily (electronic and hardcopy) to perform their core processes. These documents can become difficult to manage over time if there is no system in place to track their preparation and distribution within and across functional areas. Organisations have therefore come to rely on the process of document control to effectively manage the security, versions, and availability of documents generated during daily operational activities.

Need for skills in Document Control

Document control is all to do with transferring information between relevant parties. This could be a law firm sending a report to a client, a construction firm receiving technical drawings from a designer, or a bakery giving an employee a recipe to follow, or a government registration office detailing the procedures to follow in a way that ensures smooth running of the organization.


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