Alarm Systems & Sensors

When it comes to intrusion detection, then we have to enter into the world of sensors. Sensors can detect by way light or vibration. The next thing is to have know what the system should do in event of an intrusion detec22443-Laser-Beam-Fence-Perimeter-Intrusion-Detection-Systems-1tion. Most alarms are linked to loud sounders that serve two purposes

1. Alert the persons within  and around the property of the intrusion

2. Act as a psychological deterrent, by notifying intruders that their presence has been detected

Intruder alarms can also be integrated with other security systems e.g CCTV system to trigger recording on motion detection or the other way round to sound an alarm when the CCTV system detects some motion.


Kenvision Techniks has more than ten (10) alarm installers and maintenance crew. We carry out installations in all types properties (factories, residential, office blocks, churches, event sites, etc).


Intruder Alarm Installation & Maintenance Training in session
Intruder Alarm Installation & Maintenance Training in session

When you need a real time detection system to work for you, then sensors come in handy. Well installed Alarm systems can be a great tool to give instantaneous alerts whenever intrusion is detected in protected areas.

Integrated with other security systems such guard and police response, CCTV system configured to start recording on motion, etc, it can be quite handy in situations where resources are stretched.

Kenvision Techniks carries out actual installation, system configuration, maintenance of the existing systems, etc. We also supply intruder alarm systems plus the associated accessories namely:

  • Power Supply (backup batteries)
  • Magnetic contacts
  • Power cables
  • IR sensors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Control Panels
  • Key Pads
  • Siren Kits- Horn, Strobe and housing etc.

Besides, installation we also give short training on how to operate the system.



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