Security Management

Security Management is applied in many areas depending on the type of threat that face the particular area. Since the beginning of our own existence, our very own existence and physical safety has faced external as well as internal (enemy within) threats.

Of late, security threats are too many for a day to hardly pass without incidences of security breach, whether in urbarn or rural areas. The security issues that Kenvision Techniks handles are in three main areas namely:

Physical Security: Includes installation of physical barriers that keep of authorization subjects into an area. It put control of who enters and stays in a particular place. It includes barriers with capability to control vehicle flow to those that control how people in a crowd enter into a particular space.

They include barriers such as bollards, turnstiles, raised barriers, concertina / twisted razor wire, barbed wire fence, walling, etc.

Electronic Surveillance: These vary from electromechanical devices to purely electronic ones. The objective is to repulse attempts to intrude into a property or area that requires authorized entry.

This can be achieved by actual shocking of the intruder by the electronic device or the psychological (panopticon) effect that it may have on a potential intruder.

Vehicle tracking system: by use of GPS systems, it is now possible track the location of a vehicle or article within a particular areas. This included video tracking using GPRS where one can monitor in realtime the vehicle by using video technology.

Besides the electromechanical systems, there are those systems that are optical in design such as CCTV Surveillance system and those sense by way of vibration or motion detection. Others are biometric in design and have to be configured in to control access into a property via finger prints as well as access cards.

Information Security Management: Although to a casual person who is untrained into the ways information technology, this may look distant from the above forms of security, nothing can be further from the truth. In an integrated security systems environment, a breach into the IT system of an organization may by extension affect the electro-mechanical access systems already installed. IT systems breach in normally caused by introduction of malicious code that is used to manipulate the system to act in a certain way or deny service of the system. Kenvision approaches this area from the perspective of hacking (ethical) which is more on intrusion detection and subsequent disinfection and protection in future.

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