Could the inferno witnessed in the mid of the week at one of the pivotal airports in the East and Central African region been avoided or its impact lessened? So many questions have been asked about what sort of security that the airport authorities have deployed.

Issues to be interrogated by the investigating teams should among other seek information on the efficiency of the current electronic surveillance system. Does it integrate Fire, Intrusion and CCTV? How intelligent is the CCTV for instance?  Can it determine abnormal objects and alert the authorities? By integrating CCTV, Fire alarms and Intrusion alarm system, could this whole scenario that led to loss of billions in a matter of hours and inconvenienced thousands of travelers been avoided?

Then there is the issue of banks at the airport being looted in the whole confusion… The questions still that need begging is whether the banks and other facilities here have footage that is streamed to an offsite storage to enable bursting the perpetrators of crime. Was the delay in fighting the fire a ploy to enable looters to have their day?

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