Security is ranked 2nd in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. It is one of the needs that humans deem critical for self-actualization and self-fulfillment. When we are in a state whereby we feel safe we are able to step out in more confidence and achieve all we were meant to be.

Those who understand the CCTV world smelt a rat long time ago. I was one of them!!

In the recent past we have gone through a spate of insecurity as a nation and one of the suggested solutions to this menace is the installation of Video Surveillance systems to monitor our major cities. We also sat back and watched as the County Government of Nairobi installed the cameras and gave its citizens the illusion of constantly being watched yet when one of our MPs was recently slain, the Surveillance system shattered the “Big Brothers’ Watching “effect on the Nairobians.

Video Surveillance is currently the “in-thing” and this is not only confined to the security issues but also has crept into the social scene whereby we have drones fitted with cameras just to record weddings. As much as this is the new rising trend it does not mean that it’s the ultimate solution to all our security needs. Just like everything in life, the video surveillance systems have both their pros and cons. Before one runs out to purchase and install a surveillance system it’s important that they understand both sides of the coin so as to make an informed decision.

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  1. Prevents theft: The presence of visible cameras in any premise will make a thief think twice about stealing. The presence of overt cameras always creates the illusion that someone is watching you and tends to nip any criminalist ideas in the bud.
  2. Availability of Official footage of Crime: Video surveillance security systems will always come with a recording option. This footage will act as evidence in the case of a theft or incident that requires tangible proof.
  3. Convenient monitoring from anywhere: With surveillance cameras you don’t have to sit tight at a desk and watch all the events unfold. With a proper Smartphone and the correct configurations, you can view your footage from anywhere and at any time!


  1. Cost: The Video surveillance system does have a lot of equipment that it needs to complete the jigsaw puzzle. They all come at various prices and the final figure might be hefty especially if the installation site is big.
  2. Difficult to Use: Some of the models might be pretty hard to operate and more so if one is not quite technologically savvy. One might have to ask the installers to explain to them how to handle the equipment to ensure no mishaps occur.
  3. Issues of Privacy: This is whereby the staff might feel like their privacy is being encroached upon. It’s important that every business owner inform their staff about the presence of the cameras and ensure them that their sole purpose of being there is to offer them security.

Once one understands the pros and cons of the video surveillance system, only then will they be able to make an informed decision about the kind of security system that they need depending on their different needs. For an expert opinion on Security Issues, talk to the professionals over at Kenvision Techniks.


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