The last 8 years have seen teachers in Kenya go on strike 7 times. It is not only teachers who have found themselves using strike as a weapon to get what they want. Even doctors, nurses, dock workers, etc have gone to the streets to express their anger at authorities in a way that is unprecedented.

When #LangataPrimarySchool took to the streets to express their “Anger” at authorities in regard to their grabbed playground, we all sat back and wondered how we have got ourselves to this situation. More perplexing thought was the reaction of the anti-riot police – hurling #teargas to hapless and helpless kids. More intriguing cases have been reported of policemen who have in fit of anger gunned down their mates, seniors and then taken their lives altogether under very unclear circumstances.

In 2007/8 PEV, a deep-seated form of anger came to the surface as marauding gangs of

Don’t Suppress your anger. Express it in the right way.

youth and adults went for each others necks. Families have not been spared by this wave of anger as separations and ultimate divorce cases increase due to ANGER issues. The incidences are innumerable.

We might wonder, well, where did the aggression that gets modeled start from? Presumably, aggression and anger have always been around.

There’s never going to be a complete end to violence. The issue is what are the consequences are of aggressive behavior?

If there are no obvious costs, the behavior will continue and eventually escalate.

There is every need to establish a mechanism to address this runaway condition that a majority of us have come into. Measures that will help placate the perceptually irate citizenry, couple, siblings, neighbors, etc.

Kenvision Trainers will be having a stay-in training in Anger-Management where couples, siblings, or even individuals who feel that anger has gone out of hand in several occasions and have sometimes paid dearly for it due to broken relationships or even loss due to ensuing Anger effects.

Training Venue- Lukenya Getaway

Lukenya Getaway is going to be the venue and one must be ready to stay in for two nights (The training takes 3 days). You will be under the direction of qualified life coaches to walk you through life eggshells and discover ways of living Anger-free life. Time to book is running out for those interested.



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