As Jessica got out of bed in the morning she knew it was going to be a long, tiring day. She could hear the kids yelling at each other as they got ready for school. She nudged her husband to wake up and help with the kids and he gave her a nasty look due to the last night’s fight and rolled back to sleep. She muttered under her breath and started her daily routine. Jessica snapped at the kids and yelled back at them as they all got ready for the day. She barely made it to work on time after ensuring that all her children had left for school.

At her desk was a pile of files that she had to work on with a stern note from her boss asking her to ensure that she cleared the work on time. As she settled on her front office desk she saw a young casually dressed guy approaching her desk. She had been through so much this morning and was already coming up with a harsh reply that would send this young man back to where he came from. Even before the young man could talk Jessica was already on his case. “I know you are just another jobless bum here looking for a job but we are all out of positions and very busy. So you should just leave and try your luck elsewhere”. Jessica saw the shock on the young man’s face but she was too irritated to care. “Mr. David, thank you for coming. We have been expecting you, please come right this way.” Jessica’s Boss, who had arrived as Jessica was talking, said to the young man while giving Jessica a sharp cold look. David looked at her boss and back at Jessica, and shaking his head walked out and left. Jessica’s boss turned to her and calmly said “You and your unprofessionalism just cost us our biggest client and for that you are fired!”

Image is everything and we all have just one chance to make a first impression. Receptionists are generally Ambassadors for their organizations. How they carry themselves and interact with their clients speaks volumes about the Organization at large, its core values and its Customer Service. An organization that does not value its customers will have a receptionist who will easily portray this to the public and this will eventually be the death of this organization.

At Kenvision Techniks we understand that clients are the lifeline of every organization and that they deserve the best treatment to ensure that their various needs are met and that the customer is always happy. We thus developed the Receptionist Training: Becoming an Exceptional Receptionist, with the receptionists in mind.



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