Countries that have adopted CCTV Surveillance as a means to combat insecurity have seen a great reduction in crime and antisocial behaviors. The truth of the matter is that this reduction is as result of the perception as opposed to the CCTV system leading to arrest of perpetrators of of crime. CCTV surveillance casts into the society a panopticon effect….. this is a God-like aura that is already inculcated in the society psyche. It borrows from some of the descriptive elements of God—– All-seeing, all knowing, all-present- a compounded description that makes the God-figure an all-powerful one.


When cameras are installed in a location and a further warning is supplied, the ordinary persons psyche in stirred to imagine that the all seeing power of the gadget is trailed on him/or her. It is even worse when the gadgets are not visible (covert) as it is impossible to estimate how far one is from its gaze. This is equally the case when the gadget is visible but the “eye” is tinted/ camouflaged to an extent of not knowing where it is facing. The above factors contribute to social dissociation with crime for fear of being identified. This is one point that CCTV scores when it comes to playing God.

HOWEVER, do we have to rely on the latent psychological power of cameras or is it possible to utilize cameras that have actually the power of identification, can send real-time threatening situations/ individuals, etc in our installation?

1. What do installers need to understand about cameras so as to avoid being reduced to gadget planters on the walls and ceilings of buildings?

2. What choices do they have to make to guarantee quality systems that are defensible in a court of law?

3. What extra mile do they need to do to make their installations effective?

4. What integrative knowledge and techniques should they apply to bring an all round effective system? The above and many others are normally covered in our trainings on: CCTV Camera Specialist Training:


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