It is here and it is causing jitters in the analogue camera market. Some see it as an unworkable solution due to the initial costly setup costs yet other refer to it as messianic. Regardless of what may call term it, there an indisputable fact that IP surveillance alters the terrain for all the gatekeepers.

Take for instance the IP camera’s ability to transmit its signal independently of the Network Video Recorder. This enables one to “Call” i.e Ping the Camera and be able to view its perspective, something  that analogue cameras cannot dream of. Then there is the ability to manipulate the remotely the camera’s elements…. the advantages are quite a heap and a pretty selling point for any installer going IP.

Then again comes the NVR, the ultimate game changer. Fully packed with a wide range of features not forgetting the scalability- ie. ability to add the number of cameras depending on your needs- unlike the DVR which came with fixed ports… it is major leap for sure. Then there is is the powerful VMS whose capability are absolutely amazing to say the least…


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