YOU ! !: YES, YOU need GIS if you are in any of the following fields:

Agriculture, Archeology, Conservation, Demography, Economics, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Marketing, Natural Resource Management, Public Health, Transportation, Urban Planning, Wildlife Ecology, and more.

Any organization, government or private is in some way or another strongly linked to the geography in which it operates. A properly designed GIS program has the capability of providing quick and easy access to large volumes of data of geographical features. The user can access & select information by area or by theme to merge one data set with another, to analyze spatial characteristics of data, to search for particular features, to update quickly and cheaply and asses alternatives.

Kenvision Techniks is offering this key course as an introductory offer to interested individuals and organisations to kick-start a career as well as augment your capacity to operate efficiently in whatever field you are in.

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