Our world is getting more dangerous- are you a security service provider? Then, you are in Business!!


Security continues to be the greatest concern of the humans today even as we enter into another year (2015). With most of the physical options to counter security being exhausted, there is increasing focus into electronic security strategies. This calls for demand for experts in electronic security installers and managers. A training in this area is an essential stepping stone into an area whose demand continue increasing.


As such, here at Kenvision Techniks have developed a program that will give to our graduates a cutting-edge know-how in the whole domain of Electronic Security. Will you be part of it? The course kicks off in March 2015 and will take 12 weeks to complete. Still one can take one module at a time and be certified in each of them but one has to complete all the modules/ components to get this coveted CERTIFICATE.

1. CCTV Surveillance & Digital Video Management- 2 weeks
2. Biometric Technology- 1 week
3. Wireless technology – 1 week
4. Basic IP Networking – 2 weeks
5. Access Control System – 1 week
6. Fiber & Optic Technology – 1 week
7. Basic Electricity – 1 week
8. Fire Safety & Alarm Systems- 2 weeks

9. GPS Asset Tracking Installation & Management- 1 week

No prior IT or professional required. However, one should have a KCSE Certificate (Basic Qualifications).




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