Integrated Facility Security Systems Installation & Management Training

Integrated Facility Security Systems Installation & Management
This training covers CCTV over IP, Bio-metric Access control, and alarm systems

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1. You don’t need any specific qualifications to start as a trainee, although employers may expect you to have KCSE (A-D-), or similar qualifications, in English, Math and at least one science- based subject.

2. Full Fee payment before joining any scheduled program/ course

3. Ability to attend and participate actively in all our tuition and practical sessions. Science subject, or a technical subject. Previous experience in electrical or electronics work could be helpful when looking for work.



Some of the benefits of high-quality video surveillance systems include:

Access Control installation
  • Intruder Identification
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Decreased Response Times
  • Custom Solutions:
Come learn with the experts the technical elements about CCTV- Installation, configuration, streaming and maintenance. This course is designed to give participants a practical knowledge of the IP-Based CCTV Installation, Streaming & Management,.
Our training will enable you to carry out installations as well of management of CCTV systems that will enable your clients to achieve the above benefits.

The Biometric Access Control Installation and Management course will deal with covering site surveying and system design. The course will provide you with the fundamental skills to design, install, operate, repair, maintain and commission fully networked access control systems that are ready to meet the challenges of the modern world.



This training is a THREE Facility Security Systems Installation applications, namely:

  1. IP-Based CCTV Installation, Streaming & Management,
  2. Biometric Access Control & Management
  3. GSM-Controlled Certified Burglar & Intruder Alarm Installation.
In the GSM-Controlled Certified Burglar & Intruder Alarm Installation course, you will learn how to install burglar alarms in a simple way. Whether you are an electrician or absolute beginner, it does not matter. We will start from the scratch and make you a confident burglar alarm installer.


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