Generator Repair & Emergency Power Maintenance Training

Join this training to learn how to fix the most common Generator Problems such as:
– Failure to Start / Rough Operation / Fuel Problems.
– Failure to Start / Oil Problems.
– Sputters and Stalls / Clogged Filters.
– Failure to Start / Sputters & Stalls / Fouled Spark Plugs.
– No Power / No Voltage / Loss of Residual Magnetism.

Product Description

Generator Repair & Emergency Power Maintenance


This workshop will focus on generators and emergency power so that students will be prepared if there is an emergency situation.  This electrical training course provides practical, real world
knowledge to keep your facility running smoothly in all situations because regardless of the cause, lack of electricity at your facility can have disastrous consequences.  During this practical workshop, you will learn what you can do, and should do, to make sure your facility will keep running even if the electricity to your facility doesn’t.

Course Objectives

To provide a highly interactive practical learning of the operations and maintenance of a diesel generator.

Course Description

This course is intended to provide in-depth skills operations and maintenance of a diesel generator. It covers:

  • Introduction to the operations and maintenance of a diesel engine,
  • all aspects of a modern diesel engine and associated systems.
  • Electrical systems associated with a diesel engine
  • generator operations, generator components, excitation systems and voltage regulation.


Who Should Attend

This is an excellent course for:

  • all employees and electrical freelancers  involved in the operations and maintenance of diesel generators.
  • those involved in the use of diesels as emergency generators which would

include most power stations, oil platforms and petrochemical plants.


All Attendees should have a sound power generation background.



Course Outcome

The goal of this course is to equip the learner with theoretical and practical skills that will be required when working with diesel generators. It is hoped that most institutions that use emergency generators will benefit more.

     Generators and Prime Movers    

1: introduces the basics of generators and prime movers including different types, electrical fundamentals, and typical systems.
2     Protection and Transfer of Electrical Power        
     Generator and Engine Controls

4      Auxiliary Systems I
 5     Auxiliary Systems II
 6     Generator Applications
 7     Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Onsite Power Generation Systems
 8    Generator Placement Site Surveys
 9   AC Output and Control (Generator)
 10  DC Output and Control (Diesel Engine)


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