CCTV System Operation & Control Room Management- June

Key Benefits of  Real-Time Video Monitoring:

Real-Time Coverage
– Crime Deterrence
– Virtual Guards
– Save Money – less than Security Guards
– Big Financial Savings

Product Description


1. You don’t need any specific qualifications to start as a trainee, although employers may expect you to have KCSE (A-D-), or similar qualifications, in English, Math and at least one Science subject, or a technical subject. Previous experience in electrical or electronics work could be helpful when looking for work.

2. Full Fee payment before joining any scheduled program/ course

3. Ability to attend and participate actively in all our tuition and practical sessions.


CCTV Design &Operations

“Any installation and use of even the best CCTV security systems would be totally stunted and serve a very limited purpose without the presence of a

dedicated operator keeping a well trained vigil on every happening in the areas being covered from the control room. A properly trained CCTV supervisor seated in the control room can with the help of high quality CCTV systems effectively identify and act upon most of the suspicious activities taking place within the property.”

Unmonitored cameras simply record evidence that can be used later. Unfortunately, in these cases, the criminals have already struck. This means they will likely have stolen assets or damaged property in the process, which is costly for the business, not to mention that damage is often time-consuming to repair.


CCTV system operators are the link between the system technology and its effective use. An operator’s performance will largely determine the level of service provided by the system. The operators of public area CCTV systems are fast becoming integral players in town centre management, for crime prevention, incident scene management and in investigation teams.
Appropriate selection and recruitment practices teamed with targeted training, are needed to ensure that operators are proficient at their job: maximizing system effectiveness and limiting its misuse.

Targeted training will not only improve the quality of service provided, but will also increase staff satisfaction and may help to reduce absenteeism and staff turnover.

If your work involves pro-actively monitor the activities of members of public in public areas or on private property,

    • using cameras to focus on the activities of particular people either by controlling or directing cameras at an individual’s activities,
    •  planning to work in an environment where use of recorded CCTV images to identify individuals or to investigate their activities is the main occupation, Then you ought to have the right skills to competently work in such environments and carry out the required tasks.



Course objectives

  • To introduce the learners to their roles and responsibilities within the CCTV Control Room Environment
  • To Develop the Learners understanding of the importance of the Codes of Practice, Operational Procedures and Guidelines
  • To familiarize the Learner with CCTV equipment and its operation
  • To develop the learners understanding of Non CCTV equipment operations within the CCTV Control Room environment
  • To familiarize the learners with the appropriate legislation that has an impact upon their operational activities
  • To develop the students understanding of different types of incidents and how to deal with them
  • To develop the students understanding of dealing with incidents
  • To develop the learners understanding of surveillance techniques

The CCTV Operator & Control Room Management covers among many other areas the following:

  • CCTV equipment and its operation
  • Surveillance Legislation, and techniques
  • Body Language skills
  • Call handling standard and techniques, difficult callers and active listening
  • Hostile recognizance
  • Audit trails and vital documentation

SMART and MOSAIC (both encoding and decoding) 

Encoding MV screen IP output

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