Advanced Purchasing, Logistics & Stores Management

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Managers and Officers in corporate systems/organizations are often saddled with responsibilities for
Inventory: Organized Food store[/caption]
logistics management or may be asked to run or supervise procurement for good sand services costing tens or hundreds of thousands or even Millions of Dollars. These assignments often require up-to-date skills and competency for effective delivery of logistics and procurement functions.

Fee charged:USD $450

Fee covers- Tuition, learning material,lab practice, site visits,Certification and meals and drinks. Trainees/ participants to make own arrangement for commuting and accommodation.

VENUE:  Sunstar Hotel, Nairobi

LOCATIONGarden Estate rd, Garden Estate off Thika Sueprhighway

Capacity Admissible:  Maximum No: 15

Course Objectives

This FIVE day workshop is a follow-up to the Stores & Purchasing Management courses. Participants will acquire skills in Strategic Management, Stores Management and Purchasing.

Participants/ Intended Audience

This course is suitable for people whose position entails elements of purchasing. It is ideal for a diversity of organizations including the public sector, private companies, NGO’s, parastatals, charitable institutions, banks, hospitals and educational institutions.
Are you involved in purchasing, logistics (moving goods back and forth or Stores management? Then this course is for you. Kenvision Trainers in purchasing, logistics and store keeping are all qualified professionals in the area and will help you get that expert knowledge you need to excel in your work.
Leading edge multinational corporations and NGO’s which successfully gain competitive advantage and which are able to implement immediate cost savings, are those which possess knowledgeable and skillful logistics professionals

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