Working with a Network Video Recorder

CCTV system is critical for all businesses-  whether  it is a mega-business with more than 100 staff  or a local restaurant/ spare-parts store/ shop. It is one of the best ways to ensure commercial security for your business. It is not just a preserve of banks and major supermarkets

Below are some of the reasons that should convince you to have a CCTV Surveillance System installed in your property:

1. Act as perfect deterrent:

The mere sight of CCTV cameras on your property is enough to scare off most burglars and make them think twice before breaking in. This is especially useful for small businesses because they are most targeted by thieves and burglars, sometimes even during day time if your business is in a high crime area. They are the perfect deterrent for thieves, burglars and other trouble makers that look on harming you and your business.

2. Inexpensive or complicated:

 CCTV surveillance systems are neither expensive nor complicated to operate and maintain. Today, there are CCTV installation and management specialist  companies that are staffed with fully qualified staff who are always on standby to carry out any installation works sin your property. Besides, they also provide training to their customers on using the the CCTV systems.

3. They are Impenetrable:

In real life, it is not that easy to invade a business complex protected by a CCTV system and evade being napped. A well set up CCTV system is practically impenetrable, with multiple cameras keeping an eye on each others’ blind spots in addition to keeping an eye on the most vulnerable areas on your property and business. Any credible installer would have done a pre-installation survey which involves having a graphic simulation of your property’s accessible areas and then advise you appropriately on the right spots where camera ought to be installed.

4. Remote Surveillance:

CCTV Surveillance is a great solution to keep an eye on your property or office in real time. In addition to keeping an eye out for vandals, you can also keep an eye on your employees to prevent unwanted employee behavior and increase their efficiency and productivity.

5. They are Simply Indispensable:

Once installed, the property or business owner is amazed how the system immediately becomes indispensable as he is able to be in touch with all the on-goings in his business. All the corners of his property become visible a fact makes him feel in control. Stock pilfering by his employees is stemmed to a large degree. Any act of theft can expeditiously be  prosecuted as there will always be a ready evidence.

With the above reasons, you can see why you should call us or write to us about installation of CCTV surveillance system in your property. Simply cal 0725579251 or 0731983372 or write to or . Some one will be ready to respond promptly to your request.


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