In an age where many businesses are encouraging employees to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) the likelihood of a breach can increase, as you may have less management over the devices and the network access than you may have on a company owned device. Employees are using personal phones, tablets, and computers as primary work devices, which could allow others to access company information.

Yes, it’s cool, its trendy but it is not BEYOND POLICY


31% of employees in a Harris Interactive survey had admitted to connecting to their company’s network from unsecured free or public Wi-Fi.

46% have shared their personal device with others, opening the door to unintended access to corporate data.

33% say the company data they use and store is not encrypted.

It is not unusual to call some “office line” only to be answered to by a person far away from the office. The office number is actually a person’s “Personal” number!! If the phone is enabled for data storage and other office related stuff, then, there is a problem here. Think of the phone being stolen, or simply lost or worse, being hacked in a cyber environment.

Sensitizing your workforce on various ways of protecting corporate data is a critical issue in every organization that wishes to guard itself from being hacked.

At Kenvision, we value Data Security. We actually provide sensitization events to organizations who wish to pass the right message to their employees in order to stay ahead of the pack. Don’t get cau

ght up. Get us in the loop regarding your Data Security. You can also sponsor your staff to some well advanced training in Cyber Security in order to equip them with the right way to prevent data loss in this age of hyper-hacking activities- now that most of our devices are connected in some way to the Internet.


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