Security, stability and order are basic needs. In a world of increasingly complex processes sophisticated technical equipment is required to satisfy these basic needs. In this context, both structural and technical measures, such as CCTV systems, are decisive to increase the security in buildings and facilities.

Failure-free operation of these systems is particularly vital in dangerous and extreme situations to ensure that the required informatio

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n is transferred and the relevant actions are initiated.



CCTV systems are used to monitor public and private rooms, traffic flows and technical systems. In industrial plants, they are vital to ensure safe and efficient operating procedures. Installed in an outdoor location, CCTV cameras are often vulnerable to direct lightning strikes due to their exposed location. This danger can be avoided by adequately arranging the cameras at the outer walls of buildings or installing lightning protection systems for the cameras.

The lightning protection standards of the IEC 62305 series form the basis for planning and implementing lightning protection measures. The protection goal of the two protection measures mentioned before is to prevent a direct lightning strike to the camera to be protected by an adequate arrangement of air-termination systems. When dimensioning the down conductors for the external lightning protection system of the camera, a sufficiently large separation distance must be maintained between the down conductor of the lightning protection system and the CCTV camera including its supply lines to prevent flash-over between the down conductor and the CCTV camera.

The minimum value of the separation distance to be maintained can be calculated based on the calculation scheme provided in the IEC 62305-3 standard. If, for example, CCTV cameras have to be installed on an isolated camera mast to be able to seamlessly monitor an object or an installation, it is often difficult to maintain the separation distance between the CCTV camera and the installations of the external lightning protection system. But there are also practice-proven solutions for this case such as high-voltage-resistance, insulated conductors. No separation distance must be maintained between the CCTV camera and the down conductor if these special conductors are used.


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